Terms and Conditions

  1. TIUESSA is a universal adapter, It fits many phones and may slit lamp eye pieces but may not perfectly fit your phone or your slitlamp. Adjustments and modifications may have to be made to the original device in order to work effectively. The purchaser agrees to work with EYE OP3 Support staff to resolve any issues that many arise from their slitlamp or smartphone. By purchasing this product you agree to trouble shoot any problems with EYEOP3 support staff, Please refer to support@eyeop3.com and eyeop3.com for further details.
  2. All items are tested before leaving our office, Please contact your shipping company that you received the product from if they have broken the device on route to you. Refunds for broken device may only be returned within 7 days of receiving the product on exceptional cases. You must return it with the original packaging, labels intact and brief summary of what is defective with the product. Contact us by email and you will be guided on the RMA procedure. Make sure to include everything the item was shipped with in order to qualify for the exchange.
  3. If the item does not meet your requirements, you may return the item with the approval of an EYEOP3 SUPPORT email. A 15% restocking fee will apply. If you bought the device on sale or at a conference you are subject to a 20% re stocking fee for any returns. Return shipping will be at the buyers cost.
  4. Slander or negative feed back will not be tolerated on the internet, EYEOP3 website, Facebook etc. Any such action will be treated hostile and any following legal and technician fees to repair such actions will be paid by the purchaser.
  5. The usage of any trademarks or pictures are the property of the owner of said images and cannot be copied or misused. Any TM or copyrights of other devices are the property of the respective companies. Please adhere to their policies for further information.
  6. Not all slitlamp eyepieces are made equally, you may require sticky tape or accessories to adjust the device to you own slitlamp. These can be provided to you by EYEOP3 upon request.
  7. Use the device at own risk, EYEOP3, TIEUSSA, the company of manufacture or the company of distribution will not be held responsible for any personal injury, hardware damage, smartphone breakage, or legal issues.
  8. TIEUSSA is just an adapter, you are responsible for your smartphone, slit lamp and usage thereof.
  9. By purchasing the device you consent to receiving email from EYEOP3 about your TIEUSSA device and future promotions and new products. You may notify us via email if you wish to opt out. Please note by opting out you may not qualify for returns/exchanges or warranty issues.
  10. If you damage the device during normal use you will not get a refund or exchange, but may qualify for our compassionate breakage program. Please contact us via email for more information on how to get a new device for a discount.
  11. Please comply with your local laws for taking photos and videos of patients and clients. Use secure methods of transmission to transmit and store the images and videos on secure facilities. EYEOP3 or TIEUSSA is not responsible for any legal responsibilities or damages you may incur due to the usage of this device.
  12. Purchase of our product requires a valid email address. By accepting this you agree to receives any emails from us. You will not be Spammed, and your information will not be sold or published without notification.